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COVID Protocols for Plast Debutante Ball 2022

As we are the first debutante ball of the season, we are keeping the safety of our guests as our utmost priority as we look forward to a joyous evening and the start of the rest of the debutante ball season. We are monitoring local & state guidelines closely and communicating with other debutante committees to ensure our efforts to keep guests safe and comfortable are in line with one another, to the extent possible. 


Please note, any guests purchasing Zabava only tickets on the day of the ball (Jan 22nd) will be asked to provide the same proof of vaccination and/or test results as described below in order to gain admission to the ball that evening. We encourage you to upload your documentation in advance to simplify the process and simply pay your entry fee upon arrival. Alternatively, you can present your documentation at the door.


  • In accordance with similar practices announced by other debutante committees, all vaccinated attendees will be required to submit proof of vaccine.  Additionally, we are asking that all vaccinated attendees also submit the results of a rapid test (CAN BE A HOME TEST) taken no earlier than January 21st. You may choose to upload the vaccination card as soon as you'd like and the test result by the 22nd, or wait to send both on the together.  The sooner your information is shared with us, the smoother the check-in process will be for you.

  • As you may know, unlike other states/cities where debutante balls will be held, at this point, there is no legal requirement mandating vaccines in order to attend events in NJ or in our country. For those who have not been vaccinated, a negative PCR COVID-19 test taken no earlier than Tuesday, January 18th and no later than Wednesday, January 19th is required. Due to the rise in cases from the Omicron variant, we understand that PCR testing has become difficult as more and more people are seeking testing. However, it is expected that result turnaround times will improve as we move further from the holidays. We are optimistic that given the advance notice of our communications, any unvaccinated attendee should be able to schedule their PCR testing appointment at this time to be able to comply with the testing requirement. Should you encounter any issues with the return of your results from a test taken during the timeframe articulated above, you will need to contact the debutante committee by January 21st. PCR test results must be submitted by the morning of the 22nd, if not sooner. 

Please note, if you have recently recovered from COVID, but are still testing positive on tests (as may be for up to three months after infection)--please provide that explanation of your positive COVID test when uploading your results.  Note, please also provide details regarding when you first became sick and when you came out of quarantine so that the proper assessment of your documentation can be completed.


Failure to upload the necessary documents prior to the event will result in entrance to the 2022 Debutante Ball being delayed or denied. Thank you for your support and cooperation!

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